My Story

Sally Jane

Sally Jane is a vibrant young country music, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Serpentine, Western Australia.

‘Beersheba’ is Sally Jane’s debut single, co-written with Allan Caswell, it is a tribute to the Australian Lighthorse charge at Beersheba, where 800 Aussie mounted infantry charged 4000 dug-in troops with bayonets in hand to take the wells.  Beersheba was first performed at the 100thanniversary re-enactment of the charge in cooperation with the Returned Services League.

With a professional career only commencing in June 2017, Sally Jane is making  her mark in the Australian Country music scene with recent nomination for Peoples Choice in the WA 2018 Country Music awards.  

Sally Jane is a regular performer in the local community and in pubs in the shire including the Serpentine Rib & Steakhouse, Jarrahdale and Byford Taverns, where a collection of popular classics, Australian country music and her own songs are showcased.

With family, Sally Jane drove across Australia to attend her first Tamworth Country music festival where, she was rewarded with the invitation to perform with Adam Harvey for Country Turns Pink, a great honour and a great performance.  Sally busked her way to save for the funds for fuel for the journey and is working hard to return in 2019.

In addition to Birthday parties and weddings, Sally Jane is in great demand to perform at community fundraisers and special interest events. Sally Jane supports local community charities with sponsorship through music.

Sally performs with her guitar, a locally made ‘Cole Clark’ that she proudly refers to ‘as Australian Made, just like me’.

Sally is a 2017 graduate of the Australian Academy of Country Music an initiative of the Country Music Association of Australia.  

The Returned Service League secured Sally to sing the National Anthem in Kings Park at the 2018 Anzac Day dawn service, a real honour for a young performer.

Sally loves her music and has written many of her own songs and is a member of Tamworth Songwriters Association, country music allows her to express herself and tell her story, ‘I love it that people can dance and sing along with me and share the experience.’