Sally Jane

a little bit of WA Country

About Me

Sally Jane

Hometown gig at a local festival

I'm a country girl from Serpentine, a small town in Western Australia, I love my family, horses and country music.

My Inspiration

My debut single at Apple Scruffs Productions, this picture is part of the album art

I add a hero or two to my list every year, people I meet and their music I enjoy, they inspire me to write and sing.  My parents are my biggest inspiration, they encourage me to try my hardest and bring me back to reality if my head gets in the clouds.

Thank you to all my heroes that inspire me to be me.

My Gallery

My Influences

My biggest hero Kasey Chambers and I had the great fortune to sing on stage with her

Things people say and do, become a verse in my music. I write about people, community and the things that I love. I'm a young songwriter  without a lot of life experience but I meet and am surrounded by some wonderful people that inspire me.

My Story